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Thanks to everyone to showed up to the meeting tonight! We hope to see you at one of our free practices in the coming weeks! When is the next one? Find out here: http://texastriathlon.org/schedules/practice-schedule/

12 hours ago

Strength tonight at Spirit Fitness will be moved to start at 5:30 and end at 6:30! This is in order to allow time to make it to our TEAM INFO MEETING tonight in CPE 2.218 at 7pm

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Excellent turnout at today’s team swim! Don’t forget that the FIRST MEETING IS TOMORROW! 7 pm in CPE 2.218! #TexasTriathlon

1 day ago

Team swim at 4 in the indoor pool in Greg and a team track workout at 6 at Clark Field! Hope to see you there! :)

1 day ago

To all the new faces at our first free workout of the year, thanks for coming out! To everyone else, you still have the next two weeks to come check out the team at ANY workout, FOR FREE! When is the next one? Check out our website below for the full schedule, and don’t forget about the informational meeting this Thursday (9/3) at 7pm in CPE 2.218! http://texastriathlon.org/schedules/practice-schedule/

3 days ago

Hellllooooo triathletes! I hope your first few days of classes have been going exceptionally well and that you haven’t had to shell out too much money on textbooks… Incoming and returning members alike, I’ve got some information for you that you’re going to want to write down in that fancy new planner of yours: First and foremost: FIRST GENERAL MEETING OF THE SEMESTER! September 3rd (Thursday) at 7 pm in CPE 2.218. CPE is over in the engineering quad across Dean Keeton. I know, I know, it’s a bit of a trek but we’re triathletes. We can handle it. Please please come on out to get all the information you could ever need about the team and the joining process and what it is that our family really does. You’ll get to meet officers, returning members, workout leaders, and you’ll make a ton of friends. :) Secondly, TWO WEEKS OF FREE WORKOUTS START ON MONDAY! Thinking about joining the team but you’re unsure of our training? Good news! Starting August 31, you’ll have two weeks of free workouts with the team. What kind of workouts do we have? What is the schedule? Where do you go? It’s all on our wonderful website: http://texastriathlon.org/schedules/practice-schedule/ Please come out and join us! Thirdly, still wondering if Texas Triathlon is the right team for you? Yes. Yes, it is! Fourthly, are you already pretty dang sure about joining the team? Or maybe you want to actually see a triathlon to better understand it? Great! You should come volunteer with us! TriRock here in Austin is coming up on September 7th. It’s an excellent opportunity to support some of our triathletes that will be racing as well as the entire Austin triathlon community as a whole. Sign up to volunteer here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ne2RDdCjkDXLqgP9lB6P7c3nY4CsGjPNCm53lsAUakM/edit?usp=sharing Finally, I know that’s quite a bit of information, so if you have any questions, feel free to email any of the officers or even just post onto the Facebook page! See you at a workout on Monday! Happy Friday and hook ’em! :) \m/ P.S. Returning members: please contact me (Juliana) if you returned a kit last semester because I’m so confused about these mystery kits!

1 week ago