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If you see one of the awesome triathletes around campus give them a high five! Texas Triathlon had an awesome showing at Du the Polar Bear Duathlon in Houston this weekend. Burnt orange dominated the podium with 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd place for Females aged 20-25 along with a hard-earned 2nd place in Males aged 20-25. Not only that, we all managed to look extremely photogenic in our group picture!! Congrats, y’all!

20 hours ago

Hey guys, due to the duathlon and the chance of rain, the Sunday ride will not be happening tomorrow.

2 days ago

Hey guys, the morning run is 100% cancelled tomorrow due to the duathlon this weekend and the possibility of ice.

2 days ago

Remember that there is a team meeting in TWO DAYS on Thursday at 7pm in CPE 2.210! There will be important Nationals paperwork to fill out there! If you are going to Nationals and cant go to the meeting please let Neil know by shooting him a text at 713-299-8992.

5 days ago

6 days ago

Hey everyone, I’ll still be going out on a long ride today but don’t feel obligated to come if you’re not comfortable riding in wet conditions!

1 week ago

Hey Everyone, just a reminder the Sunday morning ride is back on tomorrow at 8:30.

1 week ago