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Kara Turner is now onto the marathon at IM Boulder!

11 hours ago

Kara is past the 89 mile mark on the bike. She is pacing herself well.

13 hours ago

Kara Turner just cleared the 41 mile bike split at Ironman Boulder! Just a little under 2/3 more to go on the bike!

16 hours ago

Kara Turner is out of the water in 1:14 at Ironman Boulder!! 3rd in her division thus far!!

17 hours ago

Tomorrow is a big day for Texas Triathlon! In Louisiana, we have Brittany Perez, Austin Scheibmeir, and Carl Koehler competing at the River Cities Triathlon; and Kara Turner will be competing in her very first Ironman at IM Boulder! We highly encourage everyone to follow and cheer for her by tracking her coverage through the link at the bottom. We are very proud of our athletes and we wish them the very best! Good luck and have fun, guys!!! #HookEm http://m.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/detail.aspx?race=boulder&y=2015#axzz3hck3Nwox

1 day ago

Congratulations to Ironman Lewis Tsai and Ironwoman Stephanie Wang! Lewis was 9th in his age group and Stephanie finished 6th in her age group!

2 months ago

Stephanie Wang YOU. ARE. AN. IRONMAN!!!

2 months ago